The Board of Investment

Objectives of the Board of Investment

Under the Investment Promotion the objects and functions of the Board of Investment are as follows:

The functions of the Board of Investment

The Board of Investment shall perform the functions it considers necessary for the achievement of its objectives, and in particular -

Administration of the BOI


Mr. Gerard Sanspeur, Managing Director


Mr. Ramprakash Maunthrooa, Senior Adviser - Prime Minister's Office
Mrs. Dalida Allagapen, Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Housing and Lands
Mrs. Rajwantee Ramrukheea, Permanent Secretary - Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection (Industry Division)
Prof. Raja Vinesh Sannassee, Professor/Dean of Faculty of Law & Management - University of Mauritius
Mr. René Leclézio, CEO - Promotion & Development Ltd
Mr. Joël Patron, CEO - Maudell Co Ltd
Mr. Sohail Javed Suhootoorah, Lead Analyst - Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Mr. Deepak Benydin, President - Federation of Parastatal Bodies and Other Unions