Work Permit Mauritius

The Work Permit is the oldest plan created to make if possible for foreigners wishing to work in Mauritius. This plan is handled and managed by the Ministry of Employment. Any application for a work permit must be accompanied, at the same time, by an application for Residence Permit to the Passport & Immigration Office.

Applying for a Work Permit

The application for a work permit is made at a different point in time, since the employee can enter the country only after obtaining the permit. The employer, either personally or through a consultant, is responsible for filing the application together with all necessary documents. The employee may transmit his / her copy (Fax / Scan) documents to his or her employer for transmission to the authorities - except for medical examinations which must be original. These are transmitted to the Ministry of Health for a temporary validation, the full validation being done at the arrival of the employee (to obtaining his work permit).

Eligibility criteria

The criterias for one to be eligible for a work permit is as follows:

Terms & Conditions