Property Mauritius: Capital Gains!

More and more investors are seduced by the island's softness, secure real estate programs and taxation. We met those who live between France and the Indian Ocean and visited one of the areas in which they invest.

Why buy a property in Mauritius?

There are those who are looking for a second home at one or two hours from home to spend all their weekends there and there are others. Among them, some are ready to go further, longer. Often because they are retired, or pre-retired and they may consider spending several months away from France, but not always. Some active people have also discovered the soul of a "bird traveler" since they can work remotely and continue, thanks to new technologies, their activity far from their usual base. More than 9000 kilometers from France, Mauritius is one of the destinations that attracts French, but also Belgians, British, Swiss and South Africans who are looking for a home to live differently.

Resales with nice capital gains

What do they like today? Their new social life next to people who look like them and whose values ​​they share. "We are surrounded by many French people, here life is easy, calm, we feel safe," said Mrs. G. They had their villa built in the field, facing golf. "Finally, it cost us much less than if we had done in the south of France," says the couple.

Their very contemporary, bright villa of 420 m² with a beautiful outdoor living room cost 1.1 million euros. They are in the heart of a secure domain, but the guarding remains discreet, and they can enjoy the restaurants, gym and swimming pool of the village. They decided to spend their free time four months a year in several periods, but they do not want to rent their new home.

Some early buyers have resold their apartments or villas with profit, it seems. Similar goes for our upcoming project – Plaisance City – the resale value will indeed help in making nice capital gains – Why not reserve yours now?