...because living is an ART

  • First Eco City of Mauritius (Eco for Ecocity and Ecology)
  • 4 billion rupees (100 M Euros) of investment. French promotors, constructors and Syndicate
  • Sustainable and intelligent buildings with positive energy (Solar Energy)
  • Construction works to begin during the year 2019
  • Bouygues, world leader in sustainable construction, will for the first time in Mauritius realise the whole project all according french standards and techniques
  • CITYA, No 2 in France, will ensure the whole Management of syndics and the commons
  • SOCOTEC, French leader (Quality control authority)
  • Plaisance city has bet it all on quality, to offer services which meet international standards

The Residence of

  • Three room apartments with private parking.
  • The residence will be situated next to the biggest shopping center in the south with shops and food courts.
  • Situated only two minutes from the amazing La Cambuse beach.
  • The Club/Boat House will offer many leisure, offering an exceptional quality of life (both for residency or rental).


  • Delivered finished, ready to be moved in (We offer furniture, equipment and air-conditioning as an option)
  • Private parking
  • Secured premises
  • VEFA sales (sale off-plan)
  • Ten-year Warranty / Damage works
  • Set up of board for quality control for follow up of construction works
  • GFA (Financial guarantee for the completion of the whole project). Very few programs offer this scheme in Mauritius. It is a warranty that will cover the whole of your investment
  • Rental management with a yield of more than 7 %
  • Concierge

Useful Floor Area

  • image-1

    108.6 m2

  • image-1

    118.3 m2

  • image-1

    81.4 m2

  • image-1

    90.1 m2

  • image-1

    126.4 m2

the plaisance Region

The plaisance Region, with its micro-climate, is one of the best locations on the island. Accessible by the highway, without traffic jams, pollution and at the entry of the wild souther region offering a unique standard of living.


  • Office spaces and Apartments easily accessible to strangers
  • A minimum investment of 6 million rupees or approximately (150 000 Euros) is necessary to acquire an apartment by a stranger. (According to the law of 21/12/2016)
  • Rental management with a very good yield with only 15% VAT
  • No housing tax
  • No real estate tax
  • French Solidarity Tax on Wealth (ISF) not applicable
  • No tax on plus value
  • No heritage tax

Business Center

  • Plaisance Business center is an office space totally integrated within Plaisance City.
  • All electricity needs of the buildings will be covered through renewable energy sources and will involve very small charges for the commons
  • Very close to the airport
  • Conference Center
  • Shops, restaurants, hotels and services
  • Permanent shuttle to and fro the airport