You dream of becoming the owner of an apartment in Mauritius, Plaisance City is here to your real estate project a success.

  • Plaisance city, a fully eco friendly real estate project in Mauritius, proposes to you to become owner of an apartment of big standings in the region of Plaisance, in the heart of the Mahebourgh. This eco-style residence offers a range of services including a club house.

    Some apartments are still available for sale and marketed under an exclusive offer giving you a permanent residence permit in Mauritius.

  • Why buy an apartment in Mauritius?

    Beyond the simple fact of benefiting from one of the most beautiful destinations of the world, by realizing the purchase of an apartment in Mauritius, you can also obtain rental income. By entrusting the rental management of your apartment, you will be able to draw a supplementary income, whilst taking advantage of your second home at any time.

  • Unique Spot

    With the purchase of your apartment, you can enjoy the beautiful beach of La Cambuse. You will also have the chance to enjoy nearby activities in Mauritius, catamaran excursions, scuba diving, access to golf courses ...

    There is no longer any restriction on the purchase of an apartment by a foreign national as per anouncement made during Budget 2016-17.

    In order to further open the economy to foreign skills, Finance Minister Pravind Jugnauth said in his speech that non-Mauritian citizens will have the opportunity to buy an apartment. Provided, however, that they are subject to a security check.

  • The new legislation

    "Previously, in order to buy an apartment in a two-storey building, a foreigner had to have an Occupation Permit and he also had to be able to invest USD 100,000 in the country. Today, all these conditions have been abolished.

    Compared to the previous situation, this is a great step forward for the country. Especially as part of the government's plan to attract specialists to participate in the second phase of the country's economic development.

    Mauritius is proposing other plans to foreign nationals - the Property Residence Scheme, which offers the possibility to foreigners to acquire a luxury villa, including the land.

    The aim of this new budgetary measure, which will be the subject of an amendment to the Non-citizens (Property Restriction) Act, aims, according to the BOI, to boost the construction sector and encourage promoters to embark on New apartment projects.