The creation of a business and the start of a commercial activity in Mauritius is a simple and direct process. An investor can start his business in just three business days. The government has set up a business environment, fostering investment and business growth. Here's what you need to know.

  • Visa Requirements in Mauritius

    A business visa is granted for a maximum of 120 days per calendar year to foreign nationals visiting for business or for business activities. The same visa is granted to those who apply for an 'occupation permit'. However, the stay, for each visit on a business visa, must not exceed 90 days.

  • Investing in Mauritius

    Your company will have to generate a turnover exceeding 4 million rupees a year, with an initial investment of 100,000 US dollars.

    For the self-employed or self-employed entrepreneur, its initial investment must be US $ 35,000 and the income from its activities will have to exceed 600,000 rupees annually for the first two years of operation and 1,200,000 rupees from the third year of operation.

    Obviously, the creation and operation of the activities entail other costs (registration of the company, taxes, employees, offices, telecommunications, water, electricity, etc.) which must be taken into consideration before starting a business in Mauritius.

    A practical guide to costs is available on the Board of Investment (BOI) website of Mauritius.

  • Steps to Start Your Business in Mauritius

    The incorporation of companies and the registration of commercial activities are governed by the provisions of the Companies Act 2001 and the Business Registration Act 2002.

    All activities launched in Mauritius must be registered with the Registrar of Companies.

    The structure of each company varies according to its category, its nature and the type of company. It is therefore important to understand the different structures of the companies and to choose the one that is best adapted to your company.

    A company incorporated in Mauritius may be foreign at 100%, without minimum capital. If you are an individual, wishing to start a business as a person working on your own account, you should only register your business activity.

  • Register your company in the National Registrar of Companies

    Go to the Registrar of Companies (RC) for registration of the name of the company in the company register. You can first check whether the name chosen for your business is available on the CR or online by visiting the following link:

    A Business Registration Card, which includes the unique identifier and the certificate of incorporation, will be issued to you. At this stage, the RC will automatically inform the Mauritian tax and social security authorities of the registration of the company and the expected date of commencement of commercial activities.

  • Payment of operating permits to local authorities

    You must then pay a commercial fee to the local authority concerned (municipality or district council) within 15 days of the start of operations. The amount of these fees depends on the nature of your business, as specified on your Business Registration Card.

  • Choice of location / head office

    Investors can rent an unfurnished or already furnished office space, build their own premises or work from home. Business parks and industrial parks with modern facilities and catering facilities, according to the specific needs of companies, have been built in the various regions of the island and Plaisance Business Park remains one of the most profitable with the best location for foreigners.

  • The different types of companies in Mauritius:

    • The Public Company: this public company may use public savings. The number of partners is unlimited.
    • The Private Company: this private company cannot resort to public savings. The number of partners must be less than 25.
    • The Small Private Company: this private company is for a small company, with a turnover of less than 10 million rupees.
    • The One-Person Company: this one-person company is compulsorily private. It is composed of a partner, a natural person, who is also the sole manager of the company
  • The different legal status

    • Limited by shares or a limited partnership (SCA)
    • Limited by guarantee or limited warranty
    • Limited by shares and guarantee or a limited partnership limited by shares and Warranty
    • Unlimited company or unlimited liability company
    • Foreign company or foreign / offshore company
    • Limited life company (LLC) or limited liability company
  • Useful Links:

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