Mauritius is known above all as a dream destination. But not only: many want to settle in for the short or long term, to work or just enjoy their retirement. Here is a tour of the different formulas that allow to stay in Mauritius without tourist visa:

  • The Residence Permit for Retirees

    Mauritius remains a popular destination for foreign pensioners due mainly to the pleasant tropical climate, high purchasing power (due to the rupee rate in Mauritius), and the political and economic stability of the island. The richness of its history and the mixing of its various cultural traditions make Mauritius a privileged country. It is both an attractive and favorable place for business, all combined with an unrivaled lifestyle. Mauritius is the home of the citizen of the world.

  • Obtaining a license for retirees

    This permit is issued for 3 years. To be eligible, the pensioner must be at least 50 years old, have a bank account in Mauritius, and have a minimum annual transfer of 40,000 USD, or approximately 31,000 € or 1.2 million rupees, to this account.

    Must-Know: After this period of 3 years, the pensioner is entitled to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit for a period of 10 years, also valid for the retired wife.

  • The Work and Investor Permit (Occupation Permit)

    This permit allows a foreigner to reside and work in Mauritius. It is regulated by the Ministry of Labor, the only body authorized to issue work permits and residence permits to foreigners. The application of a work permit and a residence permit is made simultaneously.

  • Who is eligible for the "Occupation Permit"?

    An Investor: The commercial activity must generate an annual turnover of more than 4 million rupees for an initial investment of 100 000 USD (or equivalent in foreign currency). This condition is applicable to each applicant (if 2 applicants apply for this same company, the generated turnover must be Rs 8 million, etc.).

    A professional: the basic salary must be Rs 45,000 per month minimum. Only a Mauritian company or a foreign company legally incorporated in Mauritius is authorized to apply for a work permit and a residence permit for a foreigner. The work permit is not transferable.

    An entrepreneur: the commercial activity must generate an annual turnover exceeding Rs 600 000 per year, with an initial investment of 35 000 USD.

    Must-Know: people who are dependent on the holder of a work permit can also apply for a residence permit.

  • Permanent Residence Permit

    Permanent Resident status allows to reside, circulate, work and acquire real estate in Mauritius. Renewable, this license is issued for a period of 10 years. It should be noted that this permit does not give the holder the right to vote or citizenship.

  • Who is eligible for the Permanent Residence Permit?

    Investors resident in Mauritius who have held a "Occupation Permit" for 3 years just before applying for Permanent Residency Permits and whose company generates a minimum turnover of 15 million rupees.

    Entrepreneurs residing in Mauritius who have held a "Occupation Permit" for 3 years just before applying for a Permanent Resident Permit and whose annual incomes exceeded 3 million rupees during these 3 years.

    Professionals residing in Mauritius who have held a "Occupation Permit" for 3 years just before applying for a Permanent Residence Permit and whose basic monthly salary exceeds Rs 150,000 during these 3 years.

    Retirees holding a Residence Permit for 3 years just before applying for a Permanent Residence Permit and having transferred an annual minimum amount of 40,000 USD to Mauritius.

    Good to know: by purchasing real estate under the IRS (Integrated Resort Scheme), the person acquiring the property automatically gains the status of Permanent Resident and his or her spouse and dependents. The residence permit granted under the IRS will remain in force as long as the investor owns the property.

    On the other hand, a residence purchased under the RES (Real Estate Scheme) does not confer any right of automatic residence. Buyers may, if they so wish, apply for a residence permit under the other provisions provided for this purpose.

  • Residence permit for foreign students

    The Mauritian tertiary institutions and universities work closely with the Immigration Bureau to obtain visas and residence permits for foreign students. Foreign students will have to apply for a visa for Mauritius, present the photocopy of the first 5 pages of their passport, provide banking supports proving the availability of sufficient funds on their bank accounts to cover the cost of study in Mauritius, and sign a convention prohibiting them from working in Mauritius during their studies.

    Making an internship in Mauritius Several institutions, companies and NGOs allow foreign students to do internships on the island. These courses are either part of their curriculum or are voluntary. In most cases, trainees do not receive a salary during their internships.

    Entry visas do not give trainees the right to work. In the case of an internship for a period of less than 3 months, the trainee receives a tourist visa. If it is for a period of more than 3 months, he will receive a temporary work permit for the duration of his internship.